How to Sell Silver

Articles July 16, 2018 0

Selling your silver can be a great way to make some extra cash. Maybe you have old sterling silver jewelry pieces that you don’t wear anymore, or you’ve been hanging on to your silver coin collection and now want to get rid of it. Whatever your reason for selling... Read more
This recipe might not taste exactly like chicken (but I can tell you it tastes amazing and smells exactly like grilled meat while it’s on the BBQ), but with its Mediterranean inspired flavors, it’s a super tasty alternative to the grilled carrots and broccoli you’ve been feeding your vegetarian... Read more
When you cultivate a garden, you want to make sure your plants grow in the healthiest conditions possible. There’s no nutrient more important to the health of your garden than nitrogen! However, not all soil contains the best amount of nitrogen for plants to grow to their fullest potential.... Read more
Bug legs can add a creepy element to any and all monster-making projects. Insects have always been my favorite things to recreate in sculpture, and I hope you try out these simple to make bug legs and use them in your projects too! Materials *Polymer Clay (2oz will make... Read more
Like all forms of art, picture frames require a little extra attention during the shipping process. Whether you’re sending someone a gift, submitting your work to a gallery, or moving away, properly packing your picture frames will help ensure they arrive at their destination in 1 piece. EditSteps EditProtecting... Read more
I wanted to create a coaster using popsicle sticks. After searching Instructables I came to this one:…So I wasn’t the firtst one who came into the same idea 🙂 But what I noticed is that pallet from above Instructable does not actually look like or…By: zolv Continue Reading » Read more
Solar panels provide renewable energy for your home, which helps the environment and reduce your electricity bill. But not all panels are alike. The material a panel is made of, what solar inverter it uses, and how it mounts to your roof determines what environments it works best in.... Read more
We had grand plans when we landscaped our backyard but nothing more striking than our pond: I wanted our focal point to have a concrete bowl that looked like it was floating on water! When I asked my husband to build the impossible, he must have thought "sure, I’ll... Read more
Air quality is an often overlooked aspect of home safety, but it is still very important. Harmful chemicals and toxic agents can spread throughout the air in your home and begin to impact your health over time. There are quite a few at-home kits and tests you can purchase... Read more
In this video, I’ll show you how I made this shiplap sign for a logo. Watch the video to see more of the details about it or follow along below: BACKGROUND I wanted to make a sign for my logo, as some art work for my office. I still... Read more