Lacoste polos are popular and pricey, so they are often replicated. Someone may try to sell you one at full price, but the features of the shirt can help you distinguish whether it is real or fake. A real Lacoste polo will have a detailed crocodile logo patch on... Read more

DIY Whiskey Shelf

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I’ve started a little Whiskey collection. I noticed my friends also enjoy having a few bottles of liquor in their house, so I decided to make a nice little shelf to display them! Enjoy! Watch the Video Get your supplies You will need some nice looking wood. I used... Read more
Suede shoes are very cool looking. Unfortunately, though, they stain easily. Removing stains, like dye, from suede shoes can be difficult. You not only risk making the stain worse, but you can damage the material. Thankfully, there are several ways you can remove dye from suede shoes safely. By... Read more
Recently, I bought a pair of really cheap speakers. It took power from USB plug and audio input was through a 3.5mm jack. After using them for some time I realized that these speakers were limiting freedom of my smartphone. Solution- Bluetooth speakers.Lets get started. Short Video Here is... Read more
When your child doesn’t feel well, you want to do everything in your power to help them feel better. Stomach aches are common and they may be caused by any number of reasons. By ruling out emergencies, comforting your child, and providing natural relief you can help ease your... Read more
16 inspiring pencil projects to get you back into the school spirit! Zippered Pencil Case Metal Man Pencil Holder Dinosaur Pencil Sharpener Pencil Case Desk Buddy! Pencil Bike Colored Pencil Beads Nitro Engine PENCIL Sharpener! How to Make a Pencil Drawing Piano Pen…By: instructables Continue Reading » Read more
You’ve just completed your first book, and you can’t wait to present it to the world. Now what? The self-publishing services offered by websites like Amazon have made it easier than ever for aspiring authors to get their works out there. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your... Read more
Meet Baby Bastion, the Overwatch inspired animatronic puppet! There’s a huge variety of DIY robot projects on the internet, but a lot of them lack a means to express emotion. This instructable has lots of useful mechanisms that will help you take your robot to the next level.Image source:... Read more
There are several ways to effectively clean drinking glasses with everyday household products. Wash glasses regularly with warm water and a minimal amount of dish soap, and allow the glasses to air dry. If you use a dishwasher, opt for a gentle cycle and space out the glasses to... Read more
Hi everyone, this is my first instructable, i’m a DIY enthusiast and i regularly check the projects created and published in this page. For about 2 weeks my wife got into sewing and we try to get the cheapest materials for our hobbies. By doing so sometimes the materials... Read more