Arduino and NRF24L01

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The reason behind this short learning curve:My son likes to be shut away in his room away from the rest of the noisy family. His mum needs his presence from time to time to help with his autistic brother and meals etc. He asked me about having something in... Read more
The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31 or “the Great Spiral Galaxy” is one of the most distant objects that the unaided human eye can see. Use the constellations around the Andromeda Galaxy to help you pinpoint its location in the sky. You can see the galaxy faintly... Read more
They say idle hands are the devil’s playthings, so I find it oddly appropriate that on a day when I had nothing better to do, I made a mold of my own with the sole intent of figuring out how to make the most realistic "finger food" I could.... Read more
If you’ve ever experienced the pain of too-tight braids, you’ve likely wondered how to loosen them without ruining your hairstyle. Not to worry, there are several methods you can try! You can use water to loosen your braids, like by wrapping your hair in a hot, damp towel. You... Read more
This project will show you how you can "hack" your Halloween decorations and get them to behave exactly how you want!The Halloween decoration we are working with has the following default functionality:Activated by throwing switch (shown in video)Activated by a loud soundOur goal for this project is…By: phidgetsinc Continue... Read more
While running is fantastic exercise, it’s also a relatively high-impact activity. Pounding on the pavement can cause leg pain. Most often, leg pain or cramping is a result of muscle fatigue. Avoid the pain of muscle fatigue by strengthening your muscles so you can run further without strain. If... Read more
Making your own 3D printed custom zipper pull is a great way to stand out from the crowd! You can personalize almost any zippered garment or bag/backpack with your name and/or any shape! The finished product we’ll be making is a 3D printed ‘sleeve’ that slides over an existing... Read more

How to Ignore Insults

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When you are insulted by someone, you might feel embarrassed, hurt, or frustrated. Whether this person is your boss or a parent, the insults can really be damaging. Accepting their mean comment or responding aggressively can often make matters worse. Ignoring hateful comments is often the best route, but... Read more
Here’s an old school corner clamp used for welding 90* tubing and angle iron. This design has been around for ages. I didn’t see it on the site so I thought I’d do a quick instructable and snap a few pictures. While a corner clamp can be bought, good... Read more
There’s not a lot of room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone. To add a little zest to your life, it’s important to try new and sometimes scary things. Stretch your limits! Getting outside of your comfortable box may be tough at first, but facing unfamiliar challenges... Read more