Blue Origin’s Test Flight This Week Included Medical Tech, Student ExperimentsSpace.comBlue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launched and successfully landed in West Texas on Dec. 12, 2017, carrying a crew capsule that brought a variety of experimental payloads into microgravity for a short time. Credit: Blue Origin. Astronauts who... Read more
Florida Today Talks underway about potential rocket landing site at KSCFlorida TodayLess than eight minutes after a blastoff planned as soon as Friday morning, the first stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will perform a U-turn in space and fly back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for... Read more
The Independent Nasa to hold major announcement after artificial intelligence makes major planet-hunting breakthroughThe IndependentThe Kepler space telescope is operated by Nasa to discover other earths, some of which could support life. And it is has found its latest discovery, one significant enough to bring with it a huge... Read more
Tech Times Black Holes Not As Powerful As ImaginedTech TimesScientists discovered that the magnetic fields of black holes are weaker than previously believed. The study was based on observable data gathered from the black V404 Cygni. ( Pixabay ). Black holes are known to gobble up stars voraciously, due... Read more
NPR Stressed-Out Narwhals Don’t Know Whether to Freeze or Flee, Scientists FindNPRResearchers found that when narwhals like these were released from a net, the animals’ heart rates dropped even as they were swimming rapidly. Flip Nicklin/ Minden Pictures/. hide caption. toggle caption. Flip Nicklin/ Minden Pictures/Getty …Narwhal escape: Whales... Read more
BBC News Egyptian mummy’s secrets revealed at hi-tech laboratoryBBC NewsScientists at a leading laboratory in the United States are using a cutting-edge form of X-ray to scan inside an Egyptian mummy that has never been unwrapped since its excavation a century ago. This is the first time that such... Read more
NDTV IIT Kharagpur Collaborates With University Of Rochester, Paves Way For Futuristic TechnologyNDTVA research by IIT Kharagpur faculty in collaboration with the University of Rochester and ICTS, Bengaluru has paved way for futuristic technology development. Education | Press Trust of India | Updated: December 04, 2017 13:16 IST. Share.... Read more Full Moon Sunday Kicks Off ‘Supermoon Trilogy,’ Including a Lunar EclipseSpace.comSunday night’s Full Cold Moon – a bigger and brighter full moon than usual – will kick off a very special “supermoon trilogy,” NASA says. The Dec. 3 full moon is the first of three consecutive supermoons, including... Read more
Washington Post Scientists just discovered the mother lode of pterosaur eggs, and they are over the moonWashington Post“Extraordinary.” “Stellar.” “Truly awesome.” “A world-class find.” That’s how paleontologists are reacting to the discovery of several hundred ridiculously well-preserved pterosaur eggs in China, some of them still containing the remains of... Read more ‘Spectacular’ dinosaur fossil collection donated to Denver Museum9NEWS.comThe Denver Museum of Nature and Science is celebrating its largest-ever donation of dinosaur fossils: more than 6,000 bones from the ancient Edmontosaurus of eastern Wyoming. Kelly Jensen, KUSA 5:51 PM. MST November 28, 2017. More than 6,000 …Denver Museum of Nature... Read more