Morning Ticker NASA just did something hugeMorning TickerThe space agency has just achieved 5,000 sols for the Mars Opportunity rover, which was only supposed to last for 90. NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover was only supposed to last 90 “sols,” or Martian days, when it arrived on the surface of... Read more
I4U News Supermassive Black Holes Are Growing Faster Than Their GalaxiesI4U NewsCredit: NASA/CXC/Penn. State/G. Yang et al and NASA/CXC/ICE/M. Mezcua et al. Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, researchers suggest that the biggest black holes and the stars in their host galaxies do not grow in tandem.... Read more
NPR A Scientific Search For A Ghost (Particle)NPRThis image, taken with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, shows the supernova remnant SNR 0509-68.7, also known as N103B. It is located 160,000 light-years from Earth in a neighboring galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud. Space Telescope Science … and more » Read more… Read more
Phys.Org A piece of Mars is going homePhys.OrgRohit Bhartia of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission holds a slice of a meteorite scientists have determined came from Mars. One of two slices will be used for testing a laser instrument for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover while it’s still on Earth; the... Read more Inside ‘Naughty Island’: Luxurious over-21s holiday where clothing is optional and EVERYTHING is new ‘Naughty Island’ is offering over-21s the chance to live out their wildest fantasies on an all-inclusive luxury holiday where clothing is optional. Adult-only company Naughty Nawlins is running the “once in a lifetime... Read more
NPR Sue The T. Rex Is Making Big Moves With Her Big BonesNPRFiona the hippo may be one of the greatest living social media stars of the decade, but in terms of those who aren’t living, look no further than Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex. Though she’s a fossil, Sue... Read more
Aerospace Technology Sharkskin design improves aircraft aerodynamicsAerospace TechnologyResearchers from Harvard University and the University of South Carolina have discovered that incorporating structures modelled on elements of sharks’ skin into the design of aerofoils can improve their performance by up to 323%. The scientists focused …Shark Scales Help Design Better... Read more Success! SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy Rocket on Historic Maiden VoyageSpace.comCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The first Falcon Heavy rocket built by the private spaceflight company SpaceX soared on its maiden voyage today (Feb. 6) — a historic test flight that also sent a car toward Mars and included two... Read more
International Business Times, India Edition ISRO gears up for Chandrayaan-2 mission in April, rover will spend 14 active days on moon’s surfaceInternational Business Times, India EditionFor the Chandrayaan-2 mission, the GSLV Mk II will launch the spacecraft that will weigh about 3,290kg, which includes an orbiter, a rover and... Read more
Phys.Org Recording-setting spacewalk ends with antenna in wrong spotPhys.OrgThis Jan. 31, 2018 photo made available by NASA shows cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin, left, and Anton Shkaplerov in their Russian Orlan spacesuits during a fit check inside the International Space Station. On Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, the two …more. A …Cosmonauts... Read more